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Psalms 132:7

Psalms 132:7

We will go into his tabernacles
The tabernacles of him that was heard of at Ephratah; born in Bethlehem, and found in the ministry of the word among the Gentiles: enter into his churches, raised and formed there, which are the tabernacles or dwelling places of Christ; where he has his residence, takes his walks, and dwells; and which are very lovely, amiable, and pleasant, and so desirable by believers to go into; because of the presence of God in them, the provisions there made for them, the company there enjoyed; the work there done, prayer, praise, preaching, and hearing the word, and administration of all ordinances. Some render it as a mutual exhortation, "let us go into his tabernacles" F23; see ( Isaiah 2:2 Isaiah 2:3 ) ;

we will worship at his footstool;
any place of worship on earth may be called the footstool of God, with respect to heaven his throne, ( Isaiah 66:1 ) ; particularly the ark is so called, ( 1 Chronicles 28:2 ) ; in which the law was; over which was the mercy seat, and over that the cherubim of glory, and between them the Majesty of God dwelt; so that the ark was properly his footstool: and all this being typical of Christ may direct us to observe, that all religious, spiritual, and evangelic worship, is to be performed in his name, and in the faith of him, and by the assistance of his grace and Spirit; see ( Psalms 99:5 ) .


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