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Psalms 149:3

Psalms 149:3

Let them praise his name in the dance
In a chorus of saints, joining together in their expressions of joy, by words and gestures; an ancient practice that went along with singing praises, ( Exodus 15:20 ) ; or rather, "with the pipe" F11, as some render it; a musical instrument used in former times in the worship of God, in this part of it, praising his name, with those that follow;

let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp;
the former of these was a vessel of brass, a drum or tabret, on which they beat, perhaps like one of our kettle drums; the other was a stringed instrument of music much used, and in playing on which David was very skilful: the music of these was typical of the spiritual melody made in the heart to the Lord in singing his praises, to which there are allusions in Gospel times; though the instruments themselves are now laid aside, being only suited to the church in her infant state, when under tutors and governors; see ( Psalms 68:25 ) ( Revelation 5:9 ) ( 14:2 ) ( 15:2 ) .


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