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Psalms 150:2

Psalms 150:2

Praise him for his mighty acts
The creation of all things out of nothing; the sustaining of all beings; the government of the world; the redemption of man by Christ, and the wonderful works done by him on earth; the work of grace upon the hearts of his people, and the preservation of them in grace to glory;

praise him according to his excellent greatness;
or, "according to the multitude of his greatness" F20; which appears in his nature, perfections, and work, and these both of providence and grace; and in proportion hereunto, and according to the abilities of creatures, angels, and men, is he to be praised; which is giving him the honour due unto his name; see ( Psalms 96:8 ) ( 106:2 ) .


F20 (wldg brk) "secundum multudinem magnitudinie ejus", V. L. Montanus, Gejerus; so Ainsworth.