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Psalms 29:6

Psalms 29:6

He maketh them also to skip like a calf
That is, the cedars, the branches being broken off, or they torn up by the roots, and tossed about by the wind; which motion is compared to that of a calf that leaps and skips about;

Lebanon and Sirion, like a young unicorn;
that is, these mountains move and skip about through the force of thunder, and the violence of an earthquake attending it; so historians report that mountains have moved from place to place, and they have met and dashed against one another {d}. Sirion was a mountain in Judea near to Lebanon, and is the same with Hermon; which was called by the Sidonians Sirion, and by the Amorites Shenir, ( Deuteronomy 3:9 ) . This may regard the inward motions of the mind, produced by the Gospel of Christ under a divine influence; see ( Isaiah 35:6 ) ( 40:4-8 ) .


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