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Psalms 69:31

Psalms 69:31

[This] also shall please the Lord
That is, this song of praise and thanksgiving. The Targum has it,

``my prayers;''

as if it retorted to ( Psalms 69:29 ) ; but what is expressed in ( Psalms 69:30 ) seems to be the proper antecedent to this, and which is a sacrifice; see ( Psalms 50:14 ) ( Hebrews 13:15 ) ; and more acceptable to God than any of the legal sacrifices, even when they were in force; and much more, now they are abrogated; and especially as offered up by the Messiah himself, all whose offerings are well pleasing to God; particularly the offering up of himself, which was for a sweet smelling savour to him, and in virtue of which all spiritual sacrifices of prayer and praise become acceptable unto God;

better than an ox [or] bullock that hath horns and hoofs;
that is, than the best of legal sacrifices; as an ox or bullock was, whose horns and hoofs were grown; one of three years old, as Jarchi and Kimchi observe: the words may be literally rendered, "than an ox, than a bullock, than horns, than hoofs"; not only better than an ox or a bullock, but than any creature that has horns and hoofs; that is, than the lawful sacrifice of any animal whatever, as Junius renders and explains it.