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Psalms 69:8

Psalms 69:8

I am become a stranger unto my brethren
Not only to the Jews in general, who were his own people and nation, to whom he came, and of whom he came; who received him not, hid as it were their faces from him, and rejected him as the Messiah; but also to such who were still nearer akin to him, according to the flesh, who did not believe in him, ( John 7:5 ) ; and even in some sense to his disciples and followers; some of which having heard some doctrines delivered by him not agreeable to them, withdrew from him, and walked no more with him, ( John 6:60 John 6:66 ) ; yea, to his apostles, whom he often called his brethren: one of these betrayed him, another denied him with oaths and cursing, and all of them forsook him and fled, when he was taken by his enemies, and about to suffer death;

and an alien unto my mother's children;
which is the same as before, in other words. The Targum is,

``as the son of the Gentiles to my mother's children;''

that is, as an Heathen to them; see ( Matthew 18:17 ) .
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