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Psalms 73:21

Psalms 73:21

Thus my heart was grieved
Not with his own sins, nor with the sins of the wicked, but at their prosperity; for this is an account of himself, while under the temptation, and before he went into the sanctuary of the Lord; or when he was "leavened" F18, with the old leaven of wickedness, and envy, and indignation; he was in a ferment, so Plautus F19 uses the phrase for being in anger and wrath; he swelled, as what is leavened does, against God and his providence: or was "soured" F20; he was out of humour and angry with God, or was exasperated and provoked at the favours bestowed upon the wicked. Some render it "inflamed" F21, made hot; not with the love of God, and meditation upon it, but with wrath and indignation:

and I was pricked in my reins;
disturbed and distracted in his thoughts, felt a great deal of pain in his mind, while he was considering the prosperity of the wicked; which was as a sword in his bones, and as an arrow shot into his reins; see ( Lamentations 3:13 ) .


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