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Psalms 89:11

Psalms 89:11

The heavens are thine
They are made and inhabited by him, they are the work of his hands, and the seat of his majesty, and the throne of his glory; the angels of heaven are his, his creatures and servants; the several heavens are his, the airy, starry, and third heavens; the place and state of the blessed and glorified saints is of his preparing and giving:

the earth also is thine;
the whole terraqueous globe, and all that is in it, being made, preserved, and continued by him, and by him given to the sons of men, ( Psalms 116:15 ) ,

as for the world, and the fulness thereof:
the habitable world, and all that dwell therein, all the children of men, the beasts of the field, and cattle on a thousand hills, and the provisions for them all; which is the goodness of the Lord, the earth is full of; these are all the Lord's; see ( Psalms 24:1 ) ( 33:5 ) ( 50:10-12 ) ,

thou hast founded them;
the world, and the inhabitants of it; the earth is founded upon the seas, and the world upon nothing; and the inhabitants are wonderfully preserved and continued by the power and providence of God; see ( Psalms 24:2 ) .