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Psalms 89:18

Psalms 89:18

For the Lord is our defence
From all their enemies, being all around them, as a wall of fire to protect them, and as the mountains were round about Jerusalem, and being kept by his power as in a fortress, strong hold, or garrison, unto salvation; or our shield {f}; see ( Psalms 84:9 Psalms 84:11 ) as are his favour, righteousness, and salvation, ( Psalms 5:12 ) ( 18:35 ) or "to the Lord belongs our defence or shield" F7 our protection and salvation is from him:

and the Holy One of Israel is our King;
he who was to be, and is of Israel according to the flesh, and is holy in his nature, life, and office; he is King of saints, that rules over them, protects and defends them, and therefore they must be happy: or "to" or "with the Holy One of Israel is our king" F8; Christ is King of Zion by designation, appointment, and constitution, of God the Holy One of Israel, the holy God that has chosen Israel for his peculiar people; though it rather seems that Christ is the Holy One by what follows.


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