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Psalms 99:9

Psalms 99:9

Exalt the Lord our God
Having given the above instances of Moses, Aaron, and Samuel, serving and worshipping the Lord, the psalmist repeats the exhortation in ( Psalms 99:5 ) , which he enforces by their example; (See Gill on Psalms 99:5):

and worship at his holy hill;
the holy hill of Zion, the church; attend the public worship and service of it: the Targum is,

``worship at the mountain of the house of his sanctuary; the temple, a type of the church of Christ:''

for the Lord our God is holy;
his nature is holy, and he is glorious in the perfection of his holiness, and therefore to be praised and exalted; and his name is holy, and so reverend, and therefore to be worshipped; see in ( Psalms 99:3 Psalms 99:5 ) .

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