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Psalms 135


Psalms 135:1-21 . A Psalm of praise, in which God's relations to His Church, His power in the natural world, and in delivering His people, are contrasted with the vanity of idols and idol-worship.

1-3. In the general call for praise, the priests, that stand in the house of the Lord, are specially mentioned.

4-7. God's choice of Israel is the first reason assigned for rendering praise; the next, His manifested greatness in creation and providence.

6. heaven, and . . . seas, and all . . . ends of the earth--denote universality.

8, 9. The last plague [ Exodus 12:29 ] is cited to illustrate His "tokens and wonders."

10-12. The conquest of Canaan was by God's power, not that of the people.

13. heritage--or, "possession."
name . . . memorial--Each denote that by which God is made known.

14. will judge--do justice ( Psalms 72:2 ).
repent himself--change His dealings ( Psalms 90:13 ).

15-18. (Compare Psalms 115:4-8 ).

18. are like unto them--or, "shall be like," &c. Idolaters become spiritually stupid and perish with their idols ( Isaiah 1:31 ).

19-21. (Compare Psalms 115:9-11 ). There we have "trust" for "bless" here.

21. out of Zion--(Compare Psalms 110:2 , 134:3 ). From the Church, as a center, His praise is diffused throughout the earth.