1 John 3:10

In this (en toutwi). As already shown. A life of sin is proof that one is a child of the devil and not of God. This is the line of cleavage that is obvious to all. See John 8:33-39 for the claim of the Pharisees to be the children of Abraham, whereas their conduct showed them to be children of the devil. This is not a popular note with an age that wishes to remove all distinctions between Christians and the world. Doeth not righteousness (o mh poiwn dikaiosunhn). Habit (linear present participle) again of not doing righteousness, as in verse John 7 of doing it. Cf. poiei and mh poiwn (doing and not doing) in Matthew 7:24 Matthew 7:26 . Neither (kai). Literally, "and," but with the ellipsis of ouk estin ek tou qeou (is not of God). The addition here of this one item about not loving (mh agapwn) one's brother is like Paul's summary in Romans 13:9 , a striking illustration of the general principle just laid down and in accord with Romans 2:9-11 .