1 Peter 1:15

But like as he which called you is holy (alla kata ton kalesanta uma agion). This use of kata is a regular Greek idiom (here in contrast with sunschmatizomenoi). "But according to the holy one calling you or who called you" (first aorist articular participle of kalew, to call). God is our standard or pattern (kata), not our lusts. Be ye yourselves also holy (kai autoi agioi genhqhte). First aorist (ingressive) passive imperative of ginomai, to become with allusion (kai also) to kata (God as our example), "Do ye also become holy." For anastroph (manner of life) see verse Ephesians 18 ; Ephesians 2:12 ; Ephesians 3:1-16 ; James 3:13 ; 2 Peter 2:7 . Peter uses anastroph eight times. The original meaning (turning up and down, back and forth) suited the Latin word conversatio (converto), but not our modern "conversation" (talk, not walk).