1 Peter 1:23

Having been begotten again (anagegennhmenoi). Perfect passive participle of anagennaw, which see in verse 1 Peter 2 . Not of corruptible seed (ouk ek spora pqarth). Ablative with ek as the source, for pqarto see verse 1 Peter 18 , and spora (from speirw to sow), old word (sowing, seed) here only in N.T., though sporo in Mark 4:26 , etc. For "incorruptible" (apqartou) see verse 1 Peter 1:4 ; 1 Peter 3:4 . Through the word of God (dia logou qeou). See James 1:18 for "by the word of truth," verse 1 Peter 1:25 here, and Peter's use of logo in Acts 10:36 . It is the gospel message. Which liveth and abideth (zwnto kai menonto). These present active participles (from zaw and menw) can be taken with qeou (God) or with logou (word). In verse Acts 25 menei is used with rhma (word). Still in Daniel 6:26 both menwn and zwn are used with qeo. Either construction makes sense here.