1 Timothy 4:6

If thou put the brethren in mind of these things (tauta upotiqemeno toi adelpoi). Present middle participle of upotiqhmi, to place under, to suggest, old and common verb, here only in N.T., "suggesting these things to the brethren." Thou shalt be a good minister of Christ Jesus (kalo esh diakono Cristou Ihsou). This beautiful phrase covers one's whole service for Christ ( Romans 3:1-7 ). Nourished in (entrepomeno). Present passive participle of entrepw, old verb, to nourish in, used by Plato of "nourished in the laws," here only in the N.T. The words of the faith (toi logoi th pistew). Locative case. The right diet for babes in Christ. The Bolshevists in Russia are feeding the children on atheism to get rid of God. Which thou hast followed (h parhkolouqhka). Perfect active indicative of parakolouqew, old verb, to follow beside, of persons (often in old Greek) or of ideas and things ( Luke 1:3 ; 1 Timothy 4:6 ; 2 Timothy 3:10 ). With associative instrumental case h (which).