2 Corinthians 11:28

Besides those things that are without (cwri twn parekto). Probably, "apart from those things beside these just mentioned." Surely no man ever found glory in such a peck of troubles as Paul has here recounted. His list should shame us all today who are disposed to find fault with our lot. That which presseth upon me daily (h epistasi moi h kaq hmeran). For this vivid word epistasi see Acts 24:12 , the only other place in the N.T. where it occurs. It is like the rush of a mob upon Paul. Anxiety for all the churches (h merimna paswn twn ekklhsiwn). Objective genitive after merimna (distractions in different directions, from merizw) for which word see on "Mt 13:22". Paul had the shepherd heart. As apostle to the Gentiles he had founded most of these churches.