2 Peter 1:12

Wherefore (dio). Since they are possessed of faith that conduces to godliness which they are diligently practising now he insists on the truth and proposes to do his part by them about it. I shall be ready always (mellhsw aei). Future active of mellw ( Matthew 24:6 ), old verb, to be on the point of doing and used with the infinitive (present, aorist, or future). It is not here a periphrastic future, but rather the purpose of Peter to be ready in the future as in the past and now (Zahn). To put you in remembrance (uma upomimnhskein). Present active infinitive of upomimnhskw, old causative compound (upo, mimnhskw, like our suggest), either with two accusatives ( John 14:26 ) or peri with the thing as here), "to keep on reminding you of those things" (peri toutwn). Though ye know them (kaiper eidota). Second perfect active concessive participle of oida, agreeing (acc. plural), with uma. Cf. Hebrews 5:8 . Are established (esthrigmenou). Perfect passive concessive participle of sthrizw ( 1 Peter 5:10 ). The very verb (sthrison) used by Jesus to Peter ( Luke 22:32 ). In the truth which is with you (en th paroush alhqeiai). "In the present truth" (the truth present to you), paroush present active participle of pareimi, to be beside one. See Colossians 1:6 for this use of parwn. Firmly established in the truth, but all the same Peter is eager to make them stronger.