Colossians 4:7

All my affairs (ta kat eme panta). "All the things relating to me." The accusative case the object of gnwrisei. The same idiom in Acts 25:14 ; Philippians 1:2 . Tychicus (Tuciko). Mentioned also in Ephesians 6:21 as the bearer of that Epistle and with the same verb gnwrisei (future active of gnwrizw) and with the same descriptive epithet as here (o agaphto adelpo kai pisto diakono en Kuriwi, the beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord) except that here we have also kai sundoulo (and fellow-servant). Abbott suggests that Paul adds sundoulo because he had used it of Epaphras in Ephesians 1:7 . Perhaps pisto goes with both substantives and means faithful to Paul as well as to Christ.