Revelation 18:17

Shipmaster (kubernhth). Old word (from kubernaw, to steer), helmsman, sailing-master, in N.T. only here and Acts 27:11 . Subordinate to the nauklhro (supreme commander). That saileth any whither (o epi topon plewn). "The one sailing to a place." See Acts 27:2 , tou kata thn Asian pleonta (those sailing down along Asia). Nestle suggests ponton (sea) here for topon (place), but it makes sense as it is. Mariners (nautai). Old word (from nau, ship), in N.T. only here and Acts 27:27 Acts 27:30 . Gain their living by the sea (thn qalassan ergazontai). "Work the sea." This idiom is as old as Hesiod for sailors, fishermen, etc. See verses Acts 10 15 .