Psalm 18:11



Verse 11. The storm thickened, and the clouds pouring forth torrents of rain combined to form the secret chamber of the invisible but wonder working God. "Pavilioned in impervious shade" faith saw him, but no other eye could gaze through the thick clouds of the skies. Blessed is the darkness which encurtains my God; if I may not see him, it is sweet to know that he is working in secret for my eternal good. Even fools can believe that God is abroad in the sunshine and the calm, but faith is wise, and discerns him in the terrible darkness and threatening storm.



Verse 8-19. See Psalms on "Psalms 18:9" for further information.

Verse 9-11

"He also bowed the heavens,
And thence he did descend;
And thickest clouds of darkness did
Under his feet attend."
"And he upon a cherub rode,
And thereon he did fly;
Yea, on the swift wings of the wind,
His flight was from on high."
"He darkness made his secret place;
About him for his tent
Dark waters were, and thickest clouds
Of the airy firmament." Scotch Version, 1649.

Verse 9-12

"In his descent, bowed heaven with earth did meet,
And gloomy darkness rolled beneath his feet;
A golden winged cherub he bestrid,
And on the swiftly flying tempest rid."
"He darkness made his secret cabinet;
Thick fogs and dropping clouds about him set;
The beams of his bright presence these expel,
Whence showers of burning coals and hailstones fell." George Sandys, 1577-1643.



Verse 11. The darkness in which Jehovah hides, Why? When? What then? etc.