1 Samuel 28:20

Overview - 1 Samuel 28
Achish puts confidence in David.
Saul having destroyed the witches,
and now in his fear forsaken of God,
has recourse to a witch;
who, encouraged by Saul, raises up Samuel.
15 Saul hearing his ruin, faints.
21 The woman and his servants refresh him with meat.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Samuel 28:20  (King James Version)
Then Saul fell straightway all along on the earth, and was sore afraid, because of the words of Samuel: and there was no strength in him; for he had eaten no bread all the day, nor all the night.

fell straightway
Hebrew made haste and fell with the fullness
of his stature
sore afraid.
5 ; 25:37 Job 15:20-24 ; 26:2 Psalms 50:21 Psalms 50:22