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2 Chronicles 30:11

Overview - 2 Chronicles 30
Hezekiah proclaims a solemn passover on the second month for Judah and Israel.
13 The assembly, having destroyed the altars of idolatry, keep the feast fourteen days.
27 The priests and Levites bless the people.
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2 Chronicles 30:11  (King James Version)
Nevertheless divers of Asher and Manasseh and of Zebulun humbled themselves, and came to Jerusalem.

divers of Asher
It has been said, that Hezekiah had no right to invite Hoshea's subjects to repair to Jerusalem to his passover; but it may be presumed, that he was encouraged to do this by Hoshea himself, who was one of their best kings; besides which, both the golden calves having been taken away by the Assyrians, the apostate Israelites, being thus deprived of idols, had begun to return to the Lord, and to go up to Jerusalem to worship, some time before Hezekiah gave them this invitation.
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humbled themselves
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