2 Chronicles 35:4

Overview - 2 Chronicles 35
Josiah keeps a most solemn passover.
20 He provoking Pharaoh-necho, is slain at Megiddo.
25 Lamentations for Josiah.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 35:4  (King James Version)
And prepare yourselves by the houses of your fathers, after your courses, according to the writing of David king of Israel, and according to the writing of Solomon his son.

the houses
1 Chronicles 9:10-34 ; Nehemiah 11:10-20

after your courses
The regulations formed by David, and established by Solomon, concerning the courses of the priests and Levites, were committed to writing, and preserved, for them to refer to continually. Josiah, as well as Hezekiah, required the priests and Levites to attend to their several duties, and encouraged them therein, but he neither added, altered, not retrenched anything: he merely enforced what had been established in the law, and in the regulations made by David and the contemporary prophets: "the commandment of the king
...was by the word of the Lord."
1 Chronicles 23:1-26:32

and according