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Ezekiel 12:14

Overview - Ezekiel 12
Under the type of Ezekiels's removing,
is shewn the captivity of Zedekiah.
17 Ezekiel's trembling shews the Jews' desolation.
21 The Jews' presumptuous proverb is reproved.
26 The speediness of the vision.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 12:14  (King James Version)
And I will scatter toward every wind all that are about him to help him, and all his bands; and I will draw out the sword after them.

I will scatter
5:10-12 17:21 2 Kings 25:4 2 Kings 25:5

I will draw
Ezekiel 5:2 Ezekiel 5:12 Ezekiel 14:17 Ezekiel 14:21 Leviticus 26:33 ; Jeremiah 42:16 Jeremiah 42:22
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