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Judges 8:12

Overview - Judges 8
Gideon pacifies the Ephraimites.
Succoth and Penuel refuse to deliver Gideon's army.
10 Zebah and Zalmunna are taken.
13 Succoth and Penuel are destroyed.
17 Gideon revenges his brethren's death on Zebah and Zalmunna.
22 He refuses government.
24 His ephod the cause of idolatry.
28 Midian subdued.
29 Gideon's children, and death.
33 The Israelites' idolatry and ingratitude.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Judges 8:12  (King James Version)
And when Zebah and Zalmunna fled, he pursued after them, and took the two kings of Midian, Zebah and Zalmunna, and discomfited all the host.

Joshua 10:16-18 Joshua 10:22-25 ; Job 12:16-21 ; 34:19 Psalms 83:11 ; Amos 2:14
Revelation 6:15 Revelation 6:16 ; 19:19-21

Hebrew terrified.
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