Luke 9:7

Overview - Luke 9
Christ sends his apostles to work miracles, and to preach.
Herod desires to see Christ.
10 The apostles return.
12 Christ feeds five thousand;
18 enquires what opinion the world had of him; foretells his passion;
23 proposes to all the pattern of his patience.
28 The transfiguration.
37 He heals the lunatic;
43 again forewarns his disciples of his passion;
46 commends humility;
51 bids them to shew mildness towards all, without desire of revenge.
57 Divers would follow him, but upon conditions.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Luke 9:7  (King James Version)
Now Herod the tetrarch heard of all that was done by him: and he was perplexed, because that it was said of some, that John was risen from the dead;

M. 4036. A.D. 32.

Job 18:11 Job 18:12 ; Psalms 73:19 ; Matthew 14:1-12 ; Mark 6:14-28

A tetrarch, [tetrarches ,] from [tetras ,] four, and
[arche ,]
government, properly signifies a prince, or ruler over a quarter of any region; and had its origin from Galatia, which was governed by four princes. In the New Testament, however, it denotes a prince, or king, who reigns over the fourth part of a former kingdom. By Herod's will his kingdom was thus divided among his sons: Archelaus had one-half, consisting of Idumea, Judea, and Samaria; Herod Antipas, one-fourth, consisting of Galilee and Perea; and Philip the remaining fourth, consisting of Batanea, Trachonitis, and Auranitis.* he.
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