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16 "If the sacrifice he offers is a vowa or a freewill offering,b c it is to be eaten on the day he presents his sacrifice, and what is left over may be eaten on the next day.

References for Leviticus 7:16

    • p 7:16 - The vow offering, the second category of fellowship sacrifice, was brought as an expression of gratitude to fulfill a vow; Gn 28:20; 2 Sm 15:7-8; Pr 7:14.
    • q 7:16 - The freewill offering, the third category of fellowship sacrifice, was a voluntary expression of gratitude toward God for any reason; Dt 16:10; Ps 54:6.
    • r 7:16 - Nm 15:3,8; Dt 12:6,17; Ezk 46:12