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Proverbs 15:23-33 (Holman Christian Standard)

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23 A man takes joy in giving an answer;a and a timely word-how good that is! 24 For the discerning the path of life leads upward, so that he may avoid going down to Sheol. 25 The Lord destroys the house of the proud, but He protects the widow's territory. 26 The Lord detests the plans of an evil man, but pleasant words are pure.b 27 The one who profits dishonestly troubles his household, but the one who hates bribes will live.c 28 The mind of the righteous person thinks before answering, but the mouth of the wicked blurts out evil things.d 29 The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous.e 30 Bright eyes cheer the heart; good news strengthensf the bones.g 31 An ear that listens to life-giving rebukes will be at home among the wise. 32 Anyone who ignores instruction despises himself, but whoever listens to correction acquires good sense.h i 33 The fear of the Lord is wisdom's instruction, and humility comes before honor.j
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