Pound [N] [S]

  • A weight. Heb. maneh, equal to 100 shekels ( 1 Kings 10:17 ; Ezra 2:69 ; Nehemiah 7:71 Nehemiah 7:72 ). Gr. litra, equal to about 12 oz. avoirdupois ( John 12:3 ; 19:39 ).

  • A sum of money; the Gr. mna or mina ( Luke 19:13 Luke 19:16 Luke 19:18 Luke 19:20 Luke 19:24 Luke 19:25 ). It was equal to 100 drachmas, and was of the value of about $3,6s. 8d. of our money. (See MONEY .)

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  • Pound. [N] [E]

    1. A weight. [See WEIGHTS AND MEASURES]
    2. A sum of money put in the Old Testament, ( 1 Kings 10:17 ; Ezra 2:69 ; Nehemiah 7:71 ) for the Hebrew maneh , worth in silver about $25. In the parable of the ten pounds, ( Luke 19:12-27 ) the reference appears to be to a Greek pound, a weight used as a money of account, of which sixty went to the talent. It was worth $15 to $17.

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    pound (maneh; mna, litra; Latin, libra):

    Pound does not correctly represent the Hebrew maneh, which was more than a pound (see MANEH). The litra of John 12:3 and 19:39 is the Roman pound (libra) of 4,950 grains, which is less than a pound troy, being about 10 1/3 oz. In a monetary sense (its use in Luke 19:13-25) it is the mna, or maneh, which was either of silver or gold, the former, which is probably the one referred to by Luke, being equal to 6,17 British pounds, or about (in 1915); the latter 102,10 British pounds or (in 1915).



    "Pound," like "talent," is used in the New Testament for intellectual gifts and spiritual endowments, as in the passage given above.

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