Ecclesiastes 2:13-23 NIV

13 I saw that wisdom is better than folly, just as light is better than darkness.

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14 The wise have eyes in their heads, while the fool walks in the darkness; but I came to realize that the same fate overtakes them both.

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      15 Then I said to myself, “The fate of the fool will overtake me also. What then do I gain by being wise?” I said to myself, “This too is meaningless.”

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      16 For the wise, like the fool, will not be long remembered; the days have already come when both have been forgotten. Like the fool, the wise too must die!

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      Toil Is Meaningless

      17 So I hated life, because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to me. All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

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      18 I hated all the things I had toiled for under the sun, because I must leave them to the one who comes after me.

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      19 And who knows whether that person will be wise or foolish? Yet they will have control over all the fruit of my toil into which I have poured my effort and skill under the sun. This too is meaningless.

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        • 26 2:19 - S ver 15
          20 So my heart began to despair over all my toilsome labor under the sun.
          21 For a person may labor with wisdom, knowledge and skill, and then they must leave all they own to another who has not toiled for it. This too is meaningless and a great misfortune.
          22 What do people get for all the toil and anxious striving with which they labor under the sun?

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          23 All their days their work is grief and pain; even at night their minds do not rest. This too is meaningless.

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