Jeremiah 51:36-46 ESV

36 Therefore thus says the LORD: "Behold, 1I will plead your cause and take vengeance for you. 2I will dry up her sea and 3make her fountain dry,

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      37 and Babylon shall become 4a heap of ruins, 5the haunt of jackals, 6a horror 7and a hissing, without inhabitant.

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      38 8"They shall roar together 9like lions; they shall growl like lions' cubs.

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      39 10While they are inflamed 11I will prepare them a feast and 12make them drunk, that they may become merry, 13then sleep a perpetual sleep and not wake, declares the LORD.

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          40 I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like rams and male goats.
          41 "How 14Babylona is taken, 15the praise of the whole earth 16seized! How Babylon has become a horror among the nations!

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            • ¡ 51:41 - Hebrew Sheshach, a code name for Babylon
              42 17The sea has come up on Babylon; she is covered with its tumultuous waves.

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                  43 Her cities have become a horror, 18a land of drought and a desert, 19a land in which no one dwells, and through which no son of man passes.

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                  44 And I will punish 20Bel in Babylon, and 21take out of his mouth 22what he has swallowed. 23The nations shall no longer flow to him; 24the wall of Babylon has fallen.

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                      45 "Go out of the midst of her, 25my people! Let every one save his life from 26the fierce anger of the LORD!

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                          46 Let not your heart faint, and be not fearful 27at the report heard in the land, 28when a report comes in one year and afterward a report in another year, and violence is in the land, 29and ruler is against ruler.

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