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Matthew 5:25 ESV

25 1Come to terms quickly with your accuser while you are going with him to court, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you be put in prison.

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  • a 5:9 - Greek huioi; see preface
  • b 5:22 - Some manuscripts insert without cause
  • c 5:22 - Greek says Raca to (a term of abuse)
  • d 5:22 - Greek Gehenna; also verses 29, 30
  • e 5:26 - Greek kodrantes, Roman copper coin (Latin quadrans) worth about 1/64 of a denarius (which was a day's wage for a laborer)
  • f 5:37 - Or the evil one
  • g 5:40 - Greek chiton, a long garment worn under the cloak next to the skin
  • h 5:47 - Or brothers and sisters. The plural Greek word adelphoi (translated "brothers") refers to siblings in a family. In New Testament usage, depending on the context, adelphoi may refer either to brothers or to brothers and sisters