30 1If his children forsake my law and do not walk according to my rules,a

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    • č 89:30 - Or my just decrees
      31 if they violate my statutes and do not keep my commandments,
      32 then I will punish their transgression with 2the rod and their iniquity with stripes,

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      33 but I will not remove from him my steadfast love or be false to my faithfulness.
      34 I will not violate my 3covenant or alter the word that went forth from my lips.

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        • 2492 89:34 - [See ver. 28 above]
          35 Once for all I have sworn 4by my holiness; I will not 5lie to David.

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          36 His 6offspring shall endure forever, 7his 8throne as long as 9the sun before me.

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              37 Like 10the moon it shall be established forever, 11a faithful witness in the skies." Selah

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