Ezekiel 43:19-27 NIV

19 You are to give a young bull1 as a sin offering to the priests, who are Levites, of the family of Zadok,2 who come near3 to minister before me, declares the Sovereign LORD.

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20 You are to take some of its blood and put it on the four horns of the altar4 and on the four corners of the upper ledge5 and all around the rim, and so purify the altar6 and make atonement for it.

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      21 You are to take the bull for the sin offering and burn it in the designated part of the temple area outside the sanctuary.7

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      22 "On the second day you are to offer a male goat without defect for a sin offering, and the altar is to be purified as it was purified with the bull.
      23 When you have finished purifying it, you are to offer a young bull and a ram from the flock, both without defect.8

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      24 You are to offer them before the LORD, and the priests are to sprinkle salt9 on them and sacrifice them as a burnt offering to the LORD.

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      25 "For seven days10 you are to provide a male goat daily for a sin offering; you are also to provide a young bull and a ram from the flock, both without defect.11

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      26 For seven days they are to make atonement for the altar and cleanse it; thus they will dedicate it.
      27 At the end of these days, from the eighth day12 on, the priests are to present your burnt offerings13 and fellowship offeringsa14 on the altar. Then I will accept you, declares the Sovereign LORD."

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        • h 43:27 - Traditionally "peace offerings"