1 Kings 8:16-24 GNT

16 "From the time I brought my people out of Egypt, I have not chosen any city in all the land of Israel in which a temple should be built where I would be worshiped. But I chose you, David, to rule my people.' " 1

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    • 31 8:16 - 8.16 2 S 7.4-11; 1 Ch 17.3-10.
      17 And Solomon continued, "My father David planned to build a temple for the worship of the Lord God of Israel, 2

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        • 32 8:17 - 8.17, 18 2 S 7.1-3; 1 Ch 17.1, 2.
          18 but the Lord said to him, "You were right in wanting to build a temple for me,
          19 but you will never build it. It is your son, your own son, who will build my temple.' 3

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            • 33 8:19 - 8.19 2 S 7.12, 13; 1 Ch 17.11, 12.
              20 "And now the Lord has kept his promise. I have succeeded my father as king of Israel, and I have built the Temple for the worship of the Lord God of Israel.
              21 I have also provided a place in the Temple for the Covenant Box containing the stone tablets of the covenant which the Lord made with our ancestors when he brought them out of Egypt."
              22 Then in the presence of the people Solomon went and stood in front of the altar, where he raised his arms
              23 and prayed, "Lord God of Israel, there is no god like you in heaven above or on earth below! You keep your covenant with your people and show them your love when they live in wholehearted obedience to you.
              24 You have kept the promise you made to my father David; today every word has been fulfilled.