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Ezekiel 8:3 GNT

3 He reached out what seemed to be a hand and grabbed me by the hair. Then in this vision God's spirit lifted me high in the air and took me to Jerusalem. He took me to the inner entrance of the north gate of the Temple, where there was an idol that was an outrage to God.

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  • 1 8:2 - 8.2 Ez 1.27.
  • 2 8:4 - 8.4 Ez 1.28.
  • a 8:10 - unclean animals: [The Law of Moses prohibited the eating of certain animals as being ritually unclean (see 4.13; Lv 11).]
  • b 8:14 - tammuz: [A god who was thought to die when vegetation died and to come to life the next year. Women would mourn his ritual death.]
  • c 8:17 - in the most offensive way possible: [A reference to a pagan rite of putting a branch to the nose.]