Ezekiel 5:12-17 GNT

12 A third of your people will die from sickness and hunger in the city; a third will be cut down by swords outside the city; and I will scatter the last third to the winds and pursue them with a sword.
13 "You will feel all the force of my anger and rage until I am satisfied. When all this happens, you will be convinced that I, the Lord, have spoken to you because I am outraged at your unfaithfulness.
14 Everyone from the nations around you who passes by will sneer at you and keep their distance.
15 "When I am angry and furious with you and punish you, all the nations around you will be terrified. They will look at you with disgust and make fun of you.
16 I will cut off your supply of food and let you starve. You a will feel the pains of hunger like sharp arrows sent to destroy you.

References for Ezekiel 5:16

    • h 5:16 - [Probable text] You; [Hebrew] They.
      17 I will send hunger and wild animals to kill your children, and will send sickness, violence, and war to kill you. I, the Lord, have spoken." 1

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        • 15 5:17 - 5.17 Rev 6.8.