Isaiah 52:1-6 GNT

1 Jerusalem, be strong and great again! 1 Holy city of God, clothe yourself with splendor! The heathen will never enter your gates again.

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      2 Shake yourself free, Jerusalem! Rise from the dust and sit on your throne! Undo the chains that bind you, captive people of Zion!
      3 The Sovereign Lord says to his people, "When you became slaves, no money was paid for you; in the same way nothing will be paid to set you free.
      4 When you went to live in Egypt as foreigners, you did so of your own free will; Assyria, however, took you away by force and paid nothing for you.
      5 And now in Babylonia the same thing has happened: you are captives, and nothing was paid for you. Those who rule over you boast and brag and constantly show contempt for me. 2

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        • 106 52:5 - 52.5 Ro 2.24.
          6 In time to come you will acknowledge that I am God and that I have spoken to you."