1 The Lord told Moses
2 to give the following orders to the people of Israel: Bring pure olive oil of the finest quality for the lamps in the Tent, so that a light might be kept burning regularly.
3 Each evening Aaron shall light them and keep them burning until morning, there in the Lord's presence outside the curtain in front of the Covenant Box, which is in the Most Holy Place. This regulation is to be observed for all time to come.
4 Aaron shall take care of the lamps on the lampstand of pure gold and must see that they burn regularly in the Lord's presence.
5 Take twenty-four pounds of flour and bake twelve loaves of bread. 1
6 Put the loaves in two rows, six in each row, on the table covered with pure gold, which is in the Lord's presence.
7 Put some pure incense on each row, as a token food offering to the Lord to take the place of the bread.
8 Every Sabbath, for all time to come, the bread must be placed in the presence of the Lord. This is Israel's duty forever.
9 The bread belongs to Aaron and his descendants, and they shall eat it in a holy place, because this is a very holy part of the food offered to the Lord for the priests. 2