Malachi 1:1-6 GNT

1 This is the message that the Lord gave Malachi to tell the people of Israel.
2 The Lord says to his people, "I have always loved you." 1 But they reply, "How have you shown your love for us?" The Lord answers, "Esau and Jacob were brothers, but I have loved Jacob and his descendants,

References for Malachi 1:2

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      3 and have hated Esau and his descendants. I have devastated Esau's hill country and abandoned the land to jackals."
      4 If Esau's descendants, the Edomites, say, "Our towns have been destroyed, but we will rebuild them," then the Lord will reply, "Let them rebuild - I will tear them down again. People will call them "The evil country' and "The nation with whom the Lord is angry forever.' "
      5 The people of Israel are going to see this with their own eyes, and they will say, "The Lord is mighty even outside the land of Israel!"
      6 The Lord Almighty says to the priests, "Children honor their parents, and servants honor their masters. I am your father - why don't you honor me? I am your master - why don't you respect me? You despise me, and yet you ask, "How have we despised you?'