Psalm 119:164-174 GNT

164 Seven times each day I thank you for your righteous judgments.
165 Those who love your law have perfect security, and there is nothing that can make them fall.
166 I wait for you to save me, Lord, and I do what you command.
167 I obey your teachings; I love them with all my heart.
168 I obey your commands and your instructions; you see everything I do.
169 Let my cry for help reach you, Lord! Give me understanding, as you have promised.
170 Listen to my prayer, and save me according to your promise!
171 I will always praise you, because you teach me your laws.
172 I will sing about your law, because your commands are just.
173 Always be ready to help me, because I follow your commands.
174 How I long for your saving help, O Lord! I find happiness in your law.