11 Then David gave his son Solomon the plans for the entrance hall and the temple, its storerooms, upper rooms, inner rooms, and the room for the throne of mercy.
12 He gave him plans for the courtyards of the LORD's temple and for all the rooms around it. (These rooms served as treasuries for God's temple and the gifts dedicated to God.)
13 He determined the divisions of priests and Levites. He planned all the work done for worship in the LORD's temple. He designed all the utensils for worship in the LORD's temple.
14 [David specified] the weight of gold to be used for each of the utensils for worship,
15 the weight of the gold lamp stands and their gold lamps ([that is,] the weight of gold for each lamp stand and its lamps), the weight of silver for each silver lamp stand and its lamps (according to the use of each lamp stand for worship),
16 the weight of gold for each table with the rows of bread, and the silver for the silver tables,
17 the pure gold for the forks, bowls, and pitchers, the weight of each gold bowl, the weight of each silver bowl,
18 and the refined gold for the altar of incense. He also gave Solomon the plans for the chariot, that is, the gold angels with their wings spread to cover the ark of the LORD's promise.
19 [David said,] "All this was written for me by the LORD's hand. He made all the details of the plan clear to me."