2 Kings 17:33-41 GW

33 They worshiped the LORD but also served their own gods according to the customs of the nations from which they had come.
34 Today they are still following their customs, as they've done from the beginning. They don't fear the LORD or live by the decrees, customs, teachings, or commands that the LORD gave to the descendants of Jacob (whom he named Israel).
35 When the LORD made a promise to Israel, he commanded, "Never worship other gods, bow down to them, serve them, or sacrifice to them.
36 Instead, worship the LORD, who used his great power and a mighty arm to bring you out of Egypt. Bow down to the LORD, and sacrifice to him.
37 Faithfully obey the laws, rules, teachings, and commands that he wrote for you: 'Never worship other gods.
38 Never forget the promise I made to you. Never worship other gods.
39 Instead, worship the LORD your God, and he will rescue you from your enemies.'"
40 The people of Israel had refused to listen and made up their own rules, as they had done from the beginning.
41 These [other] nations worshiped the LORD but also served their own idols. So did their children and their grandchildren. They still do whatever their ancestors did.