Isaiah 63:1-7 GW

1 Who is this coming from Bozrah in Edom with his clothes stained bright red? Who is this dressed in splendor, going forward with great strength? "It is I, the LORD. I am coming to announce my victory. I am powerful enough to save [you]."
2 Why are your clothes red and your garments like those who trample grapes in a winepress?
3 "I have trampled alone in the winepress. No one was with me. In my anger I trampled on people. In my wrath I stomped on them. Their blood splattered my clothes so all my clothing has been stained.
4 I planned the day of vengeance. The year for my reclaiming [you] has come.
5 I looked, but there was no help. I was astounded that there was no [outside] support. So with my own power I won a victory. My anger supported me.
6 In my anger I trampled on people. In my wrath I made them drunk and poured their blood on the ground."
7 I will acknowledge the LORD's acts of mercy, and [sing] the praises of the LORD, because of everything that the LORD has done for us. He has done many good things for the nation of Israel because of his compassion and his unlimited mercy.