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Psalm 129 GW

1 "From the time I was young, people have attacked me..." (Israel should repeat this.)
2 "From the time I was young, people have attacked me, but they have never overpowered me.
3 They have plowed my back [like farmers plow fields]. They made long slashes [like furrows]."
4 The LORD is righteous. He has cut me loose from the ropes that wicked people tied around me.
5 Put to shame all those who hate Zion. Force them to retreat.
6 Make them be like grass on a roof, like grass that dries up before it produces a stalk.
7 It will never fill the barns of those who harvest or the arms of those who gather bundles.
8 Those who pass by will never say [to them], "May you be blessed by the LORD" or "We bless you in the name of the LORD."