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Volume 7

From The Decline Of The Two Kingdoms To The Assyrian And
  • Preface

  • Chapter 1

    Athaliah, (Seventh) Queen, and Jehoash, (Eighth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 2

    Jehoash, or Joash, (Eighth) King of Judah. Jehu, (Eleventh) King of Israel

  • Chapter 3

    Joash, (Eighth) King of Judah. Jehoahaz and Jehoash, (Twelfth and Thirteenth) Kings of Israel

  • Chapter 4

    Amaziah, (Ninth) King of Judah. Jehoash, (Thirteenth) King of Israel

  • Chapter 5

    Azariah or Uzziah, (Tenth) King of Judah. Jeroboam II., (Fourteenth) King of Israel

  • Chapter 6

    Azariah, or Uzziah, (Tenth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 7

    Uzziah (Tenth), Jotham (Eleventh), and Ahaz, (Twelfth) King of Judah. Zachariah (Fifteenth), Shallum (Sixteenth), Menahem (Seventeenth), Pekahiah (Eighteenth), Pekah, (Nineteenth) King of Israel

  • Chapter 8

    Ahaz, (Twelfth) King, of Judah. Pekah (Nineteenth), Hoshea, (Twentieth) King of Israel

  • Chapter 9

    Hoshea, (Twentieth) King of Israel

  • Chapter 10

    Hezekiah, (Thirteenth) King of Judah. (Twentieth) King of Israel

  • Chapter 11

    Hezekiah (Thirteenth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 12

    Hezekiah (Thirteenth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 13

    Hezekiah (Thirteenth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 14

    Manasseh (Fourteenth), Amon (Fifteenth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 15

    Josiah, (Sixteenth) King of Judah

  • Chapter 16

    Josiah (Sixteenth), Jehoahaz (Seventeenth), Jehoiakim (Eighteenth), King of Judah

  • Chapter 17

    Jehoiakim (Eighteenth), Jehoiachin (Nineteenth), Zedekiah, (Twentieth) King of Judah