Nehemiah 12:1-16 HNV

1 Now these are the Kohanim and the Levites who went up with Zerubbavel the son of She'alti'el, and Yeshua: Serayah, Yirmeyahu, Ezra,
2 Amaryah, Mallukh, Hattush,
3 Shekhanyahu, Rechum, Meremot,
4 `Iddo, Ginnetoi, Aviyah,
5 Miyamin, Ma`adyah, Bilgah,
6 Shemayah, and Yoiariv, Yedayah.
7 Sallu, `Amok, Hilkiyah, Yedayah. These were the chiefs of the Kohanim and of their brothers in the days of Yeshua.
8 Moreover the Levites: Yeshua, Binnui, Kadmi'el, Sherevyah, Yehudah, [and] Mattanyah, who was over the thanksgiving, he and his brothers.
9 Also Bakbukyah and Unno, their brothers, were over against them according to their offices.
10 Yeshua became the father of Yoiakim, and Yoiakim became the father of Elyashiv, and Elyashiv became the father of Yoiada,
11 and Yoiada became the father of Yonatan, and Yonatan became the father of Yaddua.
12 In the days of Yoiakim were Kohanim, heads of fathers' [houses]: of Serayah, Merayah; of Yirmeyahu, Hananyah;
13 of Ezra, Meshullam; of Amaryah, Yehochanan;
14 of Malluchi, Yonatan; of Shevanyah, Yosef;
15 of Harim, `Adna; of Merayot, Helkai;
16 of `Iddo, Zekharyah; of Ginneton, Meshullam;