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1 Chronicles 20:1 - Interlinear Bible


War with Philistine Giants

1 Then it happened in the spring, at the time when kings go out to battle, that Joab led out the army * and ravaged the land of the sons of Ammon, and came and besieged Rabbah. But David stayed at Jerusalem. And Joab struck Rabbah and overthrew it.
~yik'l.M;h taec te[.l h'n'V;h t;b.Wv.T te[.l yih.y;w ? #,r,a -t,a tex.v;Y;w a'b'C;h lyex -t,a b'aw{y g;h.niY;w ? dyiw'd.w h'B;r -t,a r;c'Y;w a{b'Y;w !w{M;[ -yen.B ? 'h,s.r,h,Y;w h'B;r -t,a b'aw{y .$;Y;w ~i'l'v.WryiB bev{y