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1 Chronicles 24:4 - Interlinear Bible

4 Since more chief men were found from the descendants of Eleazar than the descendants of Ithamar, they divided them thus: there were sixteen * heads of fathers' households of the descendants of Eleazar and eight of the descendants of Ithamar, according to their fathers' households.
~yir'b.G;h yeva'r.l ~yiB;r r'z'[.l,a -yen.b .Wa.c'MiY;w ? r'z'[.l,a yen.bil ~.Wq.l.x;Y;w r'm'tyia yen.B -nim ? yen.bil.w r'f'[ h'Viv tw{b'a -tyeb.l ~yiva'r ? h'nw{m.v ~'tw{b]a tyeb.l r'm'tyia