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Psalm 60 - Interlinear Bible


Lament over Defeat in Battle, and Prayer for Help.

1 O God, You have rejected us. You have broken us; You have been angry; O, restore us.
deM;l.l diw'd.l ~' t.Wde[ !;v.Wv -l;[ ;xeC;n.m;l ? h'bw{c ~;r]a -t,a.w ~Iy;r]h;n ~;r]a t,a w{tw{C;h.B ? x;l,m -ayeg.B ~w{d/a -t,a .$;Y;w b'aw{y b'v'Y;w ? .Wn'T.c;r.p .Wn'T.x;n.z ~yih{l/a @,l'a r'f'[ ~yen.v ? .Wn'l bebw{v.T 'T.p;n'a
2 You have made the land quake, You have split it open; Heal its breaches, for it totters.
h'j'm -yik 'hy,r'b.v h'p.r H'T.m;c.P #,r,a h'T.v;[.rih
3 You have made Your people experience hardship; You have given us wine to drink that makes us stagger.
h'le[.r;T !Iy;y .Wn'tyiq.vih h'v'q '$.M;[ h'tyia.rih
4 You have given a banner to those who fear You, That it may be displayed because * of the truth. Selah.
j,v{q yen.Pim sesw{n.tih.l seN '$y,aeryiL h'T;t'n ? h'l,s
5 That Your beloved may be delivered, Save with Your right hand, and answer us!
'$.nyim.y h'[yivw{h '$y,dyid.y !.Wc.l'xey !;[;m.l ? .Wnen][;w
6 God has spoken in His holiness: "I will exult, I will portion out Shechem and measure out the valley of Succoth.
7 " Gilead is Mine, and Manasseh is Mine; Ephraim also is the helmet of My head; Judah is My scepter.
yiva{r zw{['m ~Iy;r.p,a.w h,V;n.m yil.w d'[.lig yil ? yiq.q{x.m h'd.Wh.y
8 " Moab is My washbowl; Over Edom I shall throw My shoe; Shout loud, O Philistia, because of Me!"
yil][;n .$yil.v;a ~w{d/a -l;[ yic.x;r ryis b'aw{m ? yi['[{r.tih t,v,l.P y;l'[
9 Who will bring me into the besieged city? Who will lead me to Edom?
~w{d/a -d;[ yin;x'n yim rw{c'm ryi[ ]yinelib{y yim
10 Have not You Yourself, O God, rejected us? And will You not go forth with our armies, O God?
aecet -a{l.w .Wn'T.x;n.z ~yih{l/a h'T;a -a{l]h ? .Wnyetw{a.bic.B ~yih{l/a
11 O give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain.
12 Through God we shall do valiantly, And it is He who will tread down our adversaries.
.Wnyer'c s.Wb'y a.Wh.w lIy'x -h,f][;n ~yih{laeB